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Created 2016

Back in the day, there was a world without smart phones where people talked to one another. The creator felt that the social networking sites now social media sites lost the core that was fun and exciting about social networking. And so, the endeavor to create a web application that she would want to use arose. Many days of coding and recoding, and hitting her head against the wall resulted in this application.

The core features have been deployed and she is seeking your help to create something better. She endeavors to build a team with the same core focus. To be able to get back to living without the need to be attached to a smart phone.

Morgyn Stryker


In her previous life, Morgyn, was a Chemist in industry and decided to pursue a graduate degree in Chemistry. It is there that she fell into the realm of Computational Chemistry and started coding with Python. She had taken programming classes in high school and college, so teaching herself Python was pretty easy. After graduating from the University of Hawai`i, she moved to Los Angeles to find work. She spent a few years coding for other people and decided it was time to start an adventure of her own.

Thus, this application was created.